Oct. 24th, 2006

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Those of you keeping up with the saga of the Phil Wood letters might remember that I mentioned a man named George Smith. He was an enlisted man in Phil's weapons platoon, and was all of seventeen when he joined the Marines.

George has been very kind in sharing some of his memories of what he calls "an exciting and
significant time in my life, and the great people who shared it with me." Some of his memories are understandably painful, and he was reluctant to share some with me. With respect to his privacy, I'll only share the ones he was particularly enthusiastic about. They are truly amazing, considering that George was only nineteen in 1944.

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Just once, for a change, I'd like them to have at least 75% of the papers I need to organize these files.

Also, I'd like Deutsche Bank to get its act together and send in their signature pages. I have wasted many many post it notes flagging their missing signature originals. I thought the Germans were supposed to be the organized ones?

Today, I am not a fan of the papers. At all.

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