Dec. 7th, 2006

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I thought about giving this up for a while, then gave up on that idea.

The occasion for this latest update is my continuing frustration with the job market.

After some consideration, I decided I wanted to try to find something to do that wasn't office work. Update was good for a short time, but even after a few weeks officing started to set off the "this will make you crazy" bells. So, the time seemed right to search for an alternative.

The problem with this scenario is that I have terrible luck with jobs I think I'd actually like. Some I don't hear from after sending an application, some I don't hear from after the interview, and some I just don't hear from at all. Sarah Thomas' Borders wouldn't let me interview at the last minute, my Dean and Deluca application apparently "fell through the cracks" according to Kendr - it has been a general landslide of this-got-lost or someone-got-there-first.

Enter the latest saga. On a whim, I thought I'd apply to be a talent scout. I didn't expect to hear back from the place - I don't really know what a talent scout does, but assumed it meant hanging around talking to models and signing people up for things. Could be worse, right? So I was very surprised when they sent me an email asking me to come in for an interview. "Holy shit-fuck hooray!" I said to myself and others, "this sounds awesome! I hope I get it! I wonder what I have to do? Man, am I nervous!"

Thursday, December 7 dawns, a day that will live in infamy. After a restless night, I arise at 830 - considerably earlier than usual - and get all prettied up. Nice shirt, nice pants, the cleanest socks I can find... I am READY. I am ready a few minutes early, so, being the thoughtful interviewee that I am, I fire up the internet to look up this place so I'll have some good questions to ask.

Half of the results on the first page of my Google search are about how big of a scam this place is.

In dismay, I scan through the results. Overwhelmingly negative. Apparently, this agency has repeatedly screwed over its clients and employees - badly enough that Dateline ran a special on them. They've operated under several different names in the past, changing them when they get in trouble.

Now, I may be hard up for a job, but I'm not about to help rip off other struggling actors or models or anything else. The interview started a minute ago, and I'm not there. I was so keyed up for this that the sudden disappointment has left me feeling pretty sick.

I might need to go off somewhere, then come back to New York and start over. I certainly haven't done much good in the six months (shit) that I've been here.

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